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Sleep Disorders

We offer comprehensive consultation as well as state of the art diagnostic and treatment options for sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and parasomnias.

Pulmonary Disorders

Consultation, diagnosis and treatment for a broad range of lung diseases including asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis and other restrictive lung diseases, occupational lung disorders, pleural diseases, lung cancer.

OSA Treatment Options

We provide state of the art CPAP machines with all related supplies with close and personal medical oversight. With our dental and surgical partnerships we offer several alternative treatment options as well.

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Synaptrx Sleep

Sleep Medicine Specialists & Pulmonary Medicine located in St. Paul, MN & West St. Paul, MN

Synaptrx Sleep is a sleep medicine and pulmonary center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Led by board-certified internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, and sleep medicine physician Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD, the experienced team listens intently to their patients. They partner with them to deliver state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment.

The sleep medicine experts at Synaptrx Sleep specialize in diagnosing and treating many common sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and parasomnia.

For comfort and convenience, Synaptrx Sleep uses advanced home sleep testing kits from Ectosense to help diagnose sleep disorders. The team also provides continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy machines and supplies.

Additionally, the state-of-the-art practice offers expert care for pulmonary conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other types of lung disease.

The team at Synaptrx Sleep believes their most important job as health providers is to help their patients become as well-informed as possible about their health and treatment options. This empowers individuals to take a more active role in their health.

Synaptrx Sleep offers in-office and virtual consultations. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

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